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We are confident enough to promise you, that you will receive the best drone pilot training in Denmark with us at MyDroneAcademy.

Passing Warranty
Retest without additional fees
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Return of your money if you are not satisfied
Insurance during training
You are covered by our insurance during the course

MyDroneAcademy is approved by the Danish Transport, Building and Housing Agency


Admission Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years old to attend the course.
  • You must be able to read and understand english
  • You must have a personal NemID or Picture ID as driving
    license / passport.
  • You must have a health that enables you to operate the drone safely.

It is not mandatory or a requirement that you have any experience flying drones or have knowledge of drones before the training. However, if you want to fly drones in category 1B or 2 - you should expect that you need some hours of practical drone training, to be able to pass the practical test for category 1B or 2.


This is what you can do with a drone license

A drone license gives you permission to operate professional drone flights with your drone in cities. The Drone license gives you permission to:

  • Flying in urban settlements.
  • Fly into 2km from airports and military airports.
  • Fly higher than 120 meters along objects.
  • Fly closer to major public roads, highways and railways, as well as the ability to cross / overfly these if you have a permission from the infrastructure manager.
  • Overfly people who have given acceptance if you are flying a drone with redundancy. Larger crowds need special permission from the authorities.
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Do you need a drone license?

The Drone license is mandatory for you, if you want to fly business operations and as a professional with your drone in cities.

You do not need a drone license, if you fly drones as a hobby or fly outside the cities.

Check out the rules for flights outside cities at

If you have a drone license your rights / capabilities follow you outside the cities and you are also allowed to fly closer to airports and major roads.

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Must I bring my own drone?

If you do not have a drone you can bring during the training, you can rent a drone at MyDroneAcademy for 500,- dkr.

The rental drones are DJI Phantoms and drone category 1A.

The DJI Phantom drone is a really good beginner drone.

The price includes rental of drone, batteries and insurance.

Naturally we will make sure everything is charged and ready for you on the fly day.


One education

When you participate in a drone license course at MyDroneAcademy, you do not need to think about which drone license category you have to choose - you will get the needed training and education that covers all categories. You will get the background to fly all drones up to 25 kg.

Once you have passed your theory test, you will receive a Category 1A drone license that entitles you to fly with drones up to 1.5 kg in the urban area.

If you want to fly with a drone of more than 1.5 kg, you must submit and pass a practical test flying a drone in the specific drone category.

There is one practical test included in the training price.


Highest quality

We want to provide you with the best possible education and experience when you participate a course with us.

We provide iPads available throughout the course with training materials and software, that are constantly updated with latest content.

Our smart iPad system allows your instructor to open links, documents and theory samples on your iPad so you can easily track and focus on content.

We provide all-inclusive catering during the course with breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks.

The only complaint we receive from our students, is that they have put on a couple of pounds after graduation.


Easy training course

It should be easy and manageable to be trained drone-pilot.

We have developed the training folder, in which you can follow how far you are in your course and what the next step is.

Your test results are available immediately, so you can follow your progress from the first mid-term test to the final theory test.

All documents such as certificates and drones are available for download as soon as it is issued.


Training plan

The training plan on MyDroneAcademy's Drone Pilot Training covers all drone license categories.

The program contains all the subjects and requirements of the Danish Transport and Housing Agency to obtain all the drone category certificates. The course consists 6 modules of 4 hours duration.

The modules can be switched, because the practical training must take place without excessive wind and rain.

The training plan can be supplemented with additional practical flight training, or company-specific modules for eg. wind turbine inspection, bridge inspection, mapping, etc.


Theory test

On the last day of training, you will perform a theory test. The theory test is an electronical test made on MyDroneAcadmy's iPad system.
You will therefore receive immediate answers if you have passed the exam.

You can only conduct a theory test at the end of the program. At the end of the course, it is possible to complete 1 regular exam and if necessary up till 2 re-tests.

If you do not pass the theory test at your first try, you can – through our Passing Warranty - get free re-examination at no extra charge. If you do not pass after the 3rd try, you must undergo a new theoretical education course.

99% of our students pass the theory test at the first attempt.

After passing the theoretical test there will be issued a drone license 1A to you, which allow you to fly drones up to 1.5 kg in the cities /urban area. If you want to fly a drone with a weight of more than 1.5 kg, you can after the theory, arrange a practical test and be approved to fly drones up to 7 or 25 kg. The first practical test is included in the price.


Practical test

If you want to get drone licenses for drone categories 1B and 2, you must pass a practical test. Before you can submit the practical test, you must have passed the theory test. You must bring the drone in the correct weight class for the practical test. Our rental drones cannot be used for the practical test. The first practical test is included in the price.

The practical test will ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and surplus to handle the drone, legislation, flight planning and any emergencies.

The practical test requires that you can document a minimum 4-hour flight with 24 landings over the past 12 months and take place in ATTI mode (flight with GPS disabled).

The test can be demanding and we recommend that you have at least 10-15 hours flight experience in ATTI (manual) mode.

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Jesper Svensgaard

University of Copenhagen

The course for certificate 1A/1B was very informative with competent teachers. The practical test was strict and constructive. In general one was challanged, informed and got a great overview of legislation, drone technicalities and pratical considerations. Can recommend the company and their drone certificate courses.

Christian Radil


Vi har deltaget i mydrone academy's kursus, både dronekursus og natpåtegning. Og kan kun sige 'thumbs up' til deres instruktører og deres virke. Lokalerne er indbydende og holdene er ikke for store, hvilket gør der er rig mulighed for spørgsmål. Det er ikke sidste gang vi smider en af vores ansatte på dette kursus.

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